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We are here to help parents raise happy and healthy children

We all need support through the most important period of our children: The Early Years

At Kooper Kidz, we understand the significance of the early years in a child’s development. We recognize that strong support during this crucial period is essential. That’s why we’re here, providing a nurturing and enriching environment where every child receives the support they need to flourish in these formative years. Trust us to be your partner in guiding your child through this important journey of growth and discovery.


Our commitment goes beyond education; it’s about fostering a love for learning, nurturing individuality, and creating a foundation for lifelong success. At Kooper Kidz, we believe in the potential of every child and strive to make their early years memorable, meaningful, and full of promise.”

“As the Head of Kooper Kidz Learning Center, I am proud to say that Kooper Kidz is more than a place of learning; it’s a haven for growth and exploration.

Jackie Cooper


At Kooper Kidz, we embrace diversity and create an inclusive environment where every child feels valued and respected. Our commitment to inclusivity ensures that each child's unique qualities are celebrated, fostering a sense of belonging for all.


Responsibility is a cornerstone of our approach at Kooper Kidz. We instill a sense of accountability and independence in our young learners, helping them develop the skills needed to make positive choices and contribute to their community.


Respect is woven into the fabric of Kooper Kidz. Our children learn the importance of treating others with kindness and consideration. Through modeling and guidance, we nurture a culture of respect that extends to peers, teachers, and the world around them.


Teamwork makes the dream work at Kooper Kidz. We cultivate a collaborative spirit among our students, encouraging them to work together, share ideas, and learn from one another. The power of collaboration is a key aspect of our educational philosophy.

"At Kooper Kidz, we envision a place where children flourish through inspired learning, celebrate uniqueness, and build the foundation for a successful future."
"At Kooper Kidz, we're on a mission to inspire a love for learning, celebrate uniqueness, and empower children for a successful future through a nurturing and inclusive environment."
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Marcus Kavanaugh

Director / Infant

Nahila Ramirez


Danielle Wayman

Office Manager

Laura Rodriguez

Caretaker / Spanish Teacher

Rachel Bower


Erona Woolcock

Lead Teacher for PreK (36 months to 48 months)

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